Lamech’s revelation


Lord, I have seen the inner workings of man and I am afraid. Poor and

pathetic: he is corrupted from the start, living in a blasted world.

But my eyes have seen the ark of salvation, which you have prepared in

secret: my own son Noah, the justification of all that is to come.

He is my Adam on whom God will pour out His righteousness. The same

God who will one day wipe away men, women, children. A bunch of


But my son will be saved and will save. For he is a friend of God, a

child of the angels.

And he shall be a comfort to his family in this season of penance and

be set high upon a rock.

And God will be feared because the world will have felt His anger.

And there shall be a covenant of peace between my son and his true

father; and never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of a


For as long as there is day and night.

And my exalted son, Noah, will be the father of mankind and his name

will be remembered in every generation.

This is my dream.


Copyright 2010 Richard C Mather


The Wandering Jesu


Coming down from the cross,

Naked and bloodied,

He picks up a tattered shawl

And puts it around his striped shoulders.

He sees himself still hanging there,

The God of the Christians,

The icon of Jew-hatred.


He reads Torah by day

By day he wanders the earth at night

For 1,918 years

Looking for his brothers

Whose bones cry out from Russia to Poland

From Iraq to the Reich.


At last! He finds them in Canaan

Armed with spades and rifles,


Laughing with the Mediterranean sun.

They do not recognise him

They care little for his hollow cheeks

And grey beard.

The messiah has already come,

Risen up in their own blood

Put to work through their own hands.


Zion is his soul

And Israel is his body

His mouth Nazareth

His left hand Tel Aviv

His right hand Jericho

His left foot Ashdod

His right foot Hebron

His heart beating Jerusalem.



Copyright 2012 Richard C Mather