Gaza: photos and facts



Numerous international organizations,  including the Red Cross, have said there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.



Above: Gaza City


Fact 1: Life expectancy in Gaza is greater than Turkey, Estonia, Malaysia, Jamaica and Bulgaria. Literacy rates are higher in Gaza than in Turkey. The infant mortality rate in Gaza is lower than that of China, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Thailand.



Above: Gaza's Mediterranean beach



Fact 2: Since withdrawing from the Gaza in 2005, Israel supplies Gaza with 50% of its electricity, and provides 49,610 tons of cooking gas and 136,097,330 litres of fuel a year. In addition, it provides one million tons of aid a year.  This includes 160,000 tons of wheat , 14,000 tons of rice, 8,000 tons of clothes and footwear, and 2,000 tons of milk powder and baby food, and equipment for Gaza's flower industry. There is not a single civilian good that cannot enter Gaza. Israel even supplies LCD televisions, Mercedes cars, Hyundai jeeps, Jacuzzi tubs and frost-free refrigerators. 



Above: Scenes from Gaza's luxury shopping mall 



Fact 3: About 200 Israeli medics enter Gaza every month. In one year, around 10,000 patients and their relatives leave Gaza to receive medical treatment in Israel. Israel delivers 600 trucks of medical supplies and equipment into Gaza every year. Gazans receive the same subsidized healthcare as Israelis.




Above: Gaza at night 



Fact 4: Gazans produce their own vegetables, olives, citrus, beef and dairy products. Primary exports from Gaza are cut flowers and fruit. Gaza's real GDP grew by more than 25% during the first three quarters of 2011 and exports are expanding.







Above: Scenes from Gaza's markets



Fact 5: One in five Gazans own a computer and have access to the internet. Israel provides laptops for schoolchildren.



Above: The Roots restaurant in Gaza



Fact 6: Israel permits Gazans to travel between Gaza, Israel and the West Bank, and abroad for medical treatment, pilgrimages and business trips.



Above: Al-Mashtala, Gaza's five-star hotel has 200 rooms and a massive swimming pool