Muslim/Arab cartoons depicting anti-Semitic themes


In newspaper cartoons throughout the Muslim and Arab world, Jews are routinely depicted as Nazis, spiders, vampires and octopuses. Another frequent depiction is that of the bearded Orthodox Jew with a hooked nose and dressed in black, which is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda. Jews are depicted as inhuman and an enemy of both Islam and humanity. Some cartoons repeat the well-worn canard that the Jews killed God. Another motif is that Jews are in control of the United States and the media. Other motifs include the rich Jew, the blood-drinking Jew, and Jews as killers of children.


Below are a handful of examples…


In this cartoon, the anti-Semitic caricature of a Jew on the right says: “Say: ‘I hate the Arabs!’” and American president George W. Bush, resembling a parrot, repeats: “I hate the Arabs, I hate the Arabs.”



The cartoon above was posted on the website of the Palestinian Authority State Information Center in 2003. Below is a cartoon published on the Arab European League's website in 2006. 



Above: Published in United Arab Emirates newspaper Al-Bayan in 2005 


Above: Published in Syrian newspaper Tishrin in 2002 



This cartoon, by Khalil Bendib, a Muslim-American artist, depicts God (Jehovah?) holding a bulging bag of money. On it are written the names of major Jewish organizations. God commands George W Bush to slaughter a Muslim child in order to increase his chances of a second term in office.