UK evangelical church to host Israel hate-fest

22/06/2012 11:13


King’s Church in Manchester and London are due to hold a pro-Palestinian event this weekend.

Both branches of the church have allowed the Palestinian Forum in Britain to host '8th Annual Palestine Day’ on June 23rd and 24th.

The Manchester church has agreed to ban several speakers, but the event itself is still going ahead.

However, the London church has so far resisted calls to ban Muhammad Al-Shareef, Azzam Tamimi and Abdel Bari Atwan from making an appearance.

Al-Shareef, who refers to Jews as “apes and pigs,” endorses terrorism against Israeli civilians. Azzam Tamimi also supports suicide bombings against Israelis. In 2007, Abdel Bari Atwan said he would “dance with delight” in Trafalgar Square if Iran attacks Israel.

Even if the London church follows Manchester’s lead and bans the speakers, the fact that the events are taking place at all is worrying.

The Palestinian Forum in Britain has connections with the Muslim Brotherhood and radical clerics such as Raed Salah, who endorses the conspiracy theory that Jews use the blood of children to make Passover bread.

The forum is also a proxy for terrorist organisation Hamas, which denies the Holocaust and calls for the destruction of Israel.

King Church’s complicity in the propagation of anti-Semitism and terrorism is a major blow to Jewish-Christian relations. Not surprisingly, the British Israel Coalition is urging King’s Church to cancel the events.

But I doubt King’s Church will have the courage to call a halt to the proceedings.