Iran letter to UN condemns Israeli 'threats'

26/05/2012 14:48


By Dudi Cohen, first published in Ynetnews


Iran's ambassador to the UN has lodged a complaint against Israel at the Security Council on Friday, slamming Defense Minister Ehud Barak and other Israeli officials for remarks about a potential strike on the Islamic Republic.

Barak said on Tuesday that the deal reached between the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency and Tehran does not eliminate the possibility of an Israeli attack meant to stunt Iran's nuclear program.

The Iranian envoy, Mohammad Khazaee, said in the complaint letter that Barak "unwarrantedly and under erroneous and false presumptions on Iran's peaceful nuclear activities" threatened to use force against the Islamic Republic.

Khazaee claimed that it is ironic that the "inflammatory remarks" are made by a state infamous for its "atrocities" and "crimes against humanity." He added that Israel's clandestine nuclear development is the primary threat to peace in the region and the world.

Moreover, the official stressed that Iran has been a leader in rejecting all kinds of weapons of mass destruction, but noted that the country wouldn't hesitate to defend itself in the face of an attack.

Meanwhile, Iran's envoy to the IAEA said that the new report issued by the UN's nuclear watchdog agency offers "proof" that Tehran's atom program is peaceful. He added that the report indicates that Tehran is cooperating with the UN agency, according to the semi-official Islamic Republic News Agency.

Ali Asghar Soltanieh made the comment late Friday on Iranian state television, despite the fact the report showed that uranium traces of an unprecedentedly higher grade have been detected.