Der Spiegel: Neo-Nazi aided Palestinian massacre of Israeli athletes

18/06/2012 22:16


By Richard Mather, Defence of the Israeli People

Newly revealed intelligence reports show that Palestinian terrorists were aided by a German neo-Nazi in 1972, according to Der Spiegel.

German neo-Nazi  Willi Pohl provided weapons and fake passports to the Black September terrorist group who kidnapped and murdered Israeli Olympic athletes in September 1972.

German police were aware that Pohl had made contact with Palestinian terrorist Abu Daud but did not intervene.

Pohl told the magazine: “I chauffeured Abu Daud back and forth across Germany, where he met Palestinians in various cities.”

Following the massacre, Mossad and the IDF assassinated several Black September operatives. Daoud, however, lived for three more decades, dying of kidney failure in July 2010.

Daoud claimed that the attack was endorsed by Yasser Arafat and was funded by Mahmoud Abbas,  the current president of the Palestinian Authority.


Pohl was arrested a few weeks after the Munich massacre. He served a two-year sentence and now writes crime fiction.